Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Dunno if you can tell I'm slightly obsessed with grey at the moment. All available items tagged below.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Hey everyone! I made the mistake of going on Missguided the other day and saw their new summer range had been released and I now have a wishlist worth £200 oops. Anyway I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pieces with you guys incase you share the same clothing taste as me! (All items tagged below.)

6. Floral Shorts (Not currently available on website)

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hi guys! So it was my 21st birthday yesterday, and as always I don't really feel any different but it was still fab. I went to Liverpool with four friends at the weekend, and it was hilarious. We stayed in a cute little hotel and had a booth booked at a local club for the evening, so good! I didn't take any photos with my camera whilst I was there so I've included a photo of the polaroids that were taken and there's a few more photos on my instagram (@bertahayes). 

Yesterday for my actual birthday my grandparents came round and we went out for a meal which was cute. I wore the jumpsuit from Asos that I had wanted for agesssss, and I love it, even though the clasp at the back of the neck kept coming undone so I had to hold it in place with a safety pin in the end. Anyway my main present was the Marc Jacobs watch in navy and rose gold that I'd wanted for ages and it is perfect so glad I went with that one. Also I'd been asking for a cookie cake from Millie's Cookies for years and never got one, then this year I got two which is typical, gunna be lovely and chunky for the next couple of weeks hahaha.

More posts coming soon!

Monday, 27 April 2015


As I promised many more posts coming! I have recently been spending a lot more on beauty products, and I mean a lot more. I used to only purchase make up that had run out and the occasional bath bomb, but since getting back into blogging I have been seeing a lot of things I want to try and thought I'd finally start purchasing a few of them. Firstly I had a look at some Soap and Glory products after LLimWalker mentioned some on her youtube channel. I had to buy the specific product she mentioned which is the Breakfast Smoothie Body Scrub, it smells amazing seriously omg. 

As it was 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory in Boots, I also decided to try the Whipped Cream Shower Gel and The Firminator Lotion, as due to the amount of stretch marks I managed to obtain years back, my thighs aren't looking particular summer ready, I shall let you know whether or not this actually has any effect!

Next I FINALLY invested in the Better Than Sex Mascara! Despite the slightly cringey name, which I still haven't told my mum cause its a bit awks lmfao, I have used it and so far I must say I like it. The brush will definitely take some getting used to though! 

Next after watching one of Beautycrush's videos, I think it was called get un-ready with me or something I can't remember ahh, but she mentioned using Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I have been using make up wipes for most of my life, and I know they are awful at getting your make up off with, especially with the amount I cake on my face some days, so I figured it was time I tried something that could actually do my skin some good. Honestly I love it, I've used it every night since I bought it and not only does it make my skin feel amazing afterwards, but I've also noticed a drastic improvement in my skin itself, nearly all of my spots have completely gone, and I tend to get a couple of spots every week or so, so it's amazing! Especially handy seeing as my 21st is coming up!

 And finally, I couldn't have a beauty haul and not buy any make up, so I went straight to my fave make up brand MAC. Amazingly when I went online they actually had in both the lipliners and the lipstick that I wanted so straight away I bought them cause honestly that never happens. They are the lipliner Whirl and Soar, and the lipstick Velvet Teddy (the photo makes them look darker than they actually are promise!), all of which have been associated with Kylie Jenner, and therefore are ridiculously hard to get hold of! I've used them and although I don't wear lipstick much because my mouth is so small omg, I must say by just making my lips slightly bigger using the lipliner, I reckon I could get used to it. I also got sent a free sample of MAC Studio Fix foundation to try for spending so much oops. 

Right that is it for now, got a few more posts planned but as I'm going to be very busy this week I can't promise when they'll be up, I'll try and make it as soon as! All items linked below!

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hi everyone! I got my last ever student loan the other week, so I accidentally went into Topshop and spent quite a lot, oops! My argument is it's nearly my birthday I deserved it hahaha, anyway more posts coming super soon! Links to all items below.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hi guys! So today I decided to try HD Brows for the first time, and thought for that reason I would do a before and after, and express my feelings about the whole experience. So basically HD Brows involves the normal shaping/waxing etc of brows but is done with a lot more detail. Before you have your first appointment you must have a test patch on your skin for approximately 48 hours, just to check you're not allergic to the tinting dye they use. When I first went in, I was asked to complete a form about my health/allergies etc and asked about how I would like my eyebrows to be. Due to my eyebrows being a bit fairer than my natural hair colour, I had them tinted a shade darker and this was done first. They applied the tint, waited 2 minutes and then showed me to check I didn't want them any darker.

Following this I had my eyebrows completely drawn all over, basically lining up where my eyebrows should start and end, and where the bow in them should be. After this I was shown again and I looked hilarious but this didn't last long. Straight after this the waxing started, following by plucking to sort out the remaining hairs. After this some threading was done simply to shape my eyebrows hair rather than pluck them any further, and then some hairs were cut with a pair of scissors just to sharpen the brows.

Following all of this I was shown my eyebrows again just so I would know how they were going to look if I did nothing to them day to day. Lastly some parts of my eyebrows where the hair hasn't fully grown yet were filled in with an eyebrow pencil.

Overall I have to say I am so happy with the results! My eyebrows look amazing, especially compared to the state I'd let them get to. The treatment cost £26.50 and it is recommended you get it redone every 4-6 weeks, so I will be returning in 5! If you have questions about HD Brows at all let me know! 

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Welcome to my first ever 'What's in my Bag' post yay! As I'm a super nosy person and love seeing what other people keep in their bags and carry round with them day to day, I thought I'd do one myself incase people were at all interested in what I carry round with me! My go to handbag is always my Zara Office Bag as it's perfect for literally every situation. It's great for day to day trips, shopping etc cause it goes with basically every outfit. I also use it for university due to the zipped section which is actually a laptop case, absolutely perfect! Finally I also use it for travelling when I'm going somewhere for a couple of nights it literally fits all the things I need!

So the basic things I always have to have with me are my very worn purse, which is from a shop chain called Polly, only available in Aberystwyth sorry! My iPhone 5S which I really need to buy a case for cause it's really not safe atm. My glasses always have to be with me incase I need to clearly see anything more than a metre away from me, and of course my keys cause knowing my family if I was locked out they wouldn't be in.

Extras I've got in my bag atm are my Macbook as I've been going back and forth between my mums and dads houses for a number of reasons but still need to be able to do my university work regardless. Also my diary which is Moleskine, as if I don't write down everything important I'm meant to be doing I start stressing and completely forgetting things.

Due to the weather getting slightly better recently I've also been carrying round my new Asos Sunglasses (love love love). I tend to carry chewing gum around with me just incase of emergencies, and my Apple headphones for the same reason! Finally I have a pen, always handy, and some hand gel. For some reason I rarely carry my make-up round with me just because I forget or can't be bothered I think, but I really should start doing so! Anyway let me know if there's any other posts you want me to do! 

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